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How to record a audio file?
How to convert?
How to edit a audio file?

How to record a audio file?

1.No matter record or convert , before do it , please set option , click ,set audio option (frequency,channels, bit, bitrate, record type), system option (temp file path) and output folder first .

2.Click to begin recording , click to end recording .Click try to listen it , Save the audio file, click , save current file as a name , ok , the audio recording is finished .

Hint : If the record file include cacophony , you can drag the percent of slip block to reduce it.

How to convert?

1.Click add a audio or video file that you want to record , you can listen this file , make sure whether it's the file that you
want to record .

2.Click , the audio or video file will be play , at the same time , record also will is beginning , when it stop automatically ,
the whole record is finished , if you click on midway , so the record will not be finished .

3.Click , save the audio file that you recorded just now , click , open the folder that you record the audio file ,
you can find it in it , click , the file name will be removed from the list , and the audio file that you recorded also will be
removed from your computer.

How to edit a audio file?

1.click  , open the audio file what you wanna edit .

2.You can drag your mouse to make sure the area that you wanna edit , according to your need click the button on the toolbar , the

function of the button , you can find out from Help file.

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