Quickly Start

Step by step:

 Every one of these games all will count down 3-seconds before the beginning .


Example is as follows :

Numbers Memory

           The rule : In limited two minutes , remember all the numbers where is in the form . Two minutes later , you fill the number in the form by right of your memory .


Operative Symbol

           The rule : Choose one operative symbol from fours " +, -, ×, ÷" , it must make the equation is balanceable , fill it in the square blank .


Instant Memory

           The rule : Remember the order of the number in the square form , you have three minutes to do it , when the number disappear , you must fill the empty form in order from small to big .


Time Calculation

           The rule : This is a time difference account , make the above time subtract the nether one , when the above one' s hour digit less than the nether one' s, adding twenty-four on the above one' s.


Graphics Memory

           The rule : This one is still a memory game , but the focus of the test is graphics , in the beginning phase that' ll show four graphics , and in the end phase that'll show twelves .



           The rule : Everyone all konw the rule that rock is bigger than scissors, scissors is bigger than paper and the paper is bigger than rock . But the game's trait is randomicity , that is to say what you chose must be bigger than the above one that it will show .


Top Number

           The rule : Find the maximum number from ten out-of-order numbers , the number from one to twenty-five .



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