A brief introduction to Okoker Software Corporation

Okoker Software Corporation mostly developes game, professional tools, media tools and system tools since it was founded in February 2001. Our first product was the Management Real Estate Information System which became very popular after it entered the world market.

In August 2001, Okoker Software Corporation changed its business stratagem and started to develop and sell shareware worldwide.

In June 2003, we developed another popular module, ‘ABOUT’, which has an easy-to-use interface. Since then, Okoker has become more and more strong, and the whole group has been ready to develop more good software to satisfy the demand of the world market.Therefore, Okoker adjusted the corporation structure for new business requirements in 2004.

To satisfy the market’s needs, we updated the popular module, ‘ABOUT’, and added many new skins for it in May 2005.

To enlarge the market, Okoker got many more techonology experts joined in the group in 2006, and soon in March, we published our new game software, ‘Okoker Sudoku’, which got popular immediately after its entrance to the market.

Six years has passed since the establishment of Okoker. During the years, we have developed many popular softwares for the world market, such as, the professional media tool ‘Okoker CD&DVD Burner ‘, ‘Okoker All Video Converter’, ‘Okoker Audio Factory’, ‘Okoker ISO Maker’, ‘Okoker Password Manager’, ‘Okoker All to Mp3 converter’, ‘Okoker Easy Recorder’, ‘Okoker Optimize Expert’, ‘Okoker CD to Mp3’, ‘Okoker Mp3 to CD’, ‘Okoker Disk Cleaner’ etc.

Now, Okoker has been a strong group, and with the efforts of this group, we are going to develop more excellent software for the world market.


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